Pietro Bortone (BA, MSt, MPhil, DPhil)

      Wolfson College
      University of Oxford
      Oxford OX2 6UD






Current research areas
  • The role of language in the construction of nationality and ethnicity
  • Explanations for lexical semantic shifts in the history of the Greek language
  • The use of the term 'identity' and the basis for identity claims
  • The interrelation between the Greek language and Greek ethnic categories

Fields of interests
  • Sociolinguistics, Descriptive Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Historical Linguistics
  • Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval, and Modern Greek Philology and Linguistics
  • Classics (Latin and Greek), Byzantine Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Turkish Studies

      Some past awards
  • Uppsala University, Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS): Fellowship
  • Institute for Advanced Study at Berlin (Wissenschaftskolleg): Fellowship
  • Rhodes University: Hugh LeMay Research Fellowship
  • UIC Institute for the Humanities: Research Fellowship  
  • Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks: Summer Research Fellowship  
  • Princeton University, Program in Hellenic Studies: Research Fellowship 
  • University of Athens: Onassis Foundation Scholarship 
  • University of Oxford: Wingate Foundation Scholarship 

  • University of Oxford: D.Phil. in Historical Semantics
  • University College London: Scandinavian Studies
  • University of Oxford: M.Phil. in Comparative Philology 
  • University of Oxford: M.St. in Linguistic Theory
  • King’s College London: B.A. in Classical, Medieval, & Modern Greek

VIsiting positions held
  • Institute for Advanced Study at Bucharest (NEC): Guest Professor
  • Princeton University, Wilson College: College Fellow

Positions held as a graduate student
  • University of Oxford: Instructor in Ancient Greek for the Faculty of Classics 
  • University of Oxford: Tutor in Greek Linguistics
  • Oxford University Press: Etymologist for the Oxford English Dictionary 
  • Bloomsbury Publishing, London: Etymologist for the Encarta World Dictionary 

Book published

Some institutions where lectures have been given upon invitation (besides Oxford)

        Formal training for university teaching
  • University of Oxford, Faculty of Classics (for the teaching of Ancient Greek and Latin)
  • Princeton University, Center for Teaching and Learning 
  • University of Oxford, Academic Staff Development & Training (for tutorial teaching)
  • University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education (for lecturing and small-group teaching)

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